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Our A+ and N+ certified technicians can assist your home or company with all your computer hardware needs. We can help with installation, troubleshooting, maintenance, repair and sales of hardware devices.

Some of our Hardware services include:

• Hardware upgrades and installation.
• Troubleshooting servers, desktops computers, laptops, routers, switches, printers etc.
• Reseller of servers, desktops, laptops, routers, switches, printers etc.
• Computer component sales and installation
• CCTV component sales and installation




We can cater to all your home or company software needs. We can help with installation and configuration of various types of software. We also perform Operating System upgrades, troubleshooting and can deal with large scale network deployment of software.

Some of our Software services include:

• Spyware and Virus removal software
• Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP installation and configuration
• Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012 and 2016 installation and configuration

• Microsoft Office support and configuration
• QuickBooks installation




Every day your business generates critical data, which must be protected and maintained to ensure your business can continue to function on a daily basis. A simple error or system failure can result in your business being offline, which can cost your business hundreds or even thousands.

We can supply a service level agreement with technicians on call with support and backup, assisting your business to be operational.

Here are some of our Maintenance solutions:

• Server and end user support and maintenance on a daily basis
• Recovery of Data and Files from bad hard drives and other storage media
• Complete backup solutions for enterprises and small businesses that scale with your business needs with Off-site backups
• Remote Support




Establishing the right systems infrastructure for your home or business is critical to the success of your investment in technology. We take a detailed approach to network design, starting with the most important factor – your home or business. Once we understand your operations and where your home or business is going, we design with the present and the future in mind.

We can help with network design, deployment, and management.
Looking to increase the flexibility of your workforce?
If you are just starting up your home or business or looking to move to a new location; Core Tech Solutions can help to get your network infrastructure installed. Whether you are looking for a more economical solution, or blazing fast gigabit networking, we have a variety of solutions to suit your needs. We can provide all the hardware you require including: cabling, switches, router, servers, firewalls, and rack mounting systems. We can also help optimize and improve your current business network setup, whether it’s upgrading to gigabit speeds, improving security, or setting up wireless network access in the office.


Here are some of the Networking services we provide:

• CAT5, CAT6 CAT7 network Cabling.
• Firewall Appliance sales, installation and configuration.
• Complete end-to-end networking setup for new businesses or businesses moving locations.
• Remote access solutions, including VPN’s, remote desktop and online storage.
• Wireless networking setup.


Hosting is one of the fastest developing fields in the world of business. Learn how to share and synchronize documents, back up your home or company data, and access important company data all on the internet.

Here are some of our Hosting services:

• Hosted e-mail services via POP3 or IMAP
• Web-sites
• Online storage solutions